May the problem be pigmentations or the skin is dark, Primorosa Aesthetic Center Doctor will assess your skin and give you the best program for your skin needs


This is one of the leading treatments locally and in the US.  Uses lucid ND-YAG laser which instantly whitens the skin with no pain or obvious peeling. 

Interval : monthly

Duration : 15 minutes

Downtime : none

This machine passes 532 and 1064 laser beams with bursts of PICOLASER unto the skin targeting pigmentations to make them look lighter and leaving the skin firmer. This helps lighten and remove MELASMA, SUN SPOTS, Freckles and birthmarks

Interval : every 3 weeks

Duration : 30 minutes

Downtime : none

Number of sessions : depends on doctors assessment

A brand popular abroad and in the Philippines.  This depigmentation program is best for melasma and unwanted pigmentations.  A kit made in Spain that can lighten problems as fast as 1 month

Downtime : redness

Interval of treatments: depend on doctor’s assessment

Fractional CO2 laser helps treat wrinkles, acne scars, pigmentations and stretchmarks. A quick way for every skin problem

Skintype : All skintypes

Interval : Monthly

Duration : 1 hour with anesthesia

Downtime : 5 days

Fastest way to remove dull skin to restore fresh and radiant looking skin

Also known as Spanish Peel

Duration of treatment: 3-5 minutes

Interval of treatment : 2-4 weeks

Downtime : Bronzing or brown discoloration of the face and evident peeling

Treatment mainly used for whitening

Duration of treatment: 10 minutes

Interval of Treatment: 2-4 weeks

Downtime : minimal to none

No obvious peeling to rejuvenate and lighten skin

Interval : 2 weeks

Downtime : minimal to none