Melasma Treatment


Using 1064 Q Switched with Pico Second Laser, it gently bursts pigmentations every session.  This assures safe and no rebound treatment.  It directly targets pigments without harming the superficial skin. No downtime

Interval: every 3 weeks

Number of sessions: depend on Doctor’s assesment

An innovation from Spain it uses organic depigmentation creams offering the fastest results in Melasma as little as 1 month you can see immediate results

With mild downtime

Uses Bella Vita or Restylane Skin booster, with the help of whitening agents like glutathione, tranexamic acid and hyaluronic acid, this is directly infused in the layers of Melasma to lighten it.  It also improves overall skin texture and complexion.

Interval : every 2 weeks

Number of sessions: depend on Doctors assessment