Anti Oxidants and Whitening

A mix of antioxidants and vitamins to boost immune system that result in skin glow


Antioxidant plus Vitamin C is given in safe doses to help the liver and the kidneys

Duration : 5 minutes

Interval of treatment: 1-2 weeks

# of treatments : depend on skin type

Fastest way to lighten the skin and remove unwanted dark spots in the body.  Involves series of treatment depending on the doctor’s assessment.  Treatment will result to skin peeling

Interval : every 6 weeks

# of treatments : depend on skin type

  • Neck
  • Nape
  • Arms
  • Chest
  • Underarms
  • Back
  • Groin
  • Buttocks
  • Whole legs
  • Lower legs
  • Feet
  • Whole body