About Us


To become the first prime Bulacan-based aesthetic clinic by providing customers with up-to date skin and beauty services.


To provide customers convenience by allowing them to experience affordable yet quality treatments.

What to Expect at Primorosa

“I, myself, work 6 days a week to ensure that our patients receive good quality services. We update our treatments every 6 months because we want to provide our clients the best of the bests. We buy our machines from different countries like Switzerland and Korea and we test all of them to make sure that they are effective.”


“At Primorosa, we do several non-invasive treatments that produce high quality results. Also, I am hands-on with the business because I want our aestheticians to be well-equipped and well-trained. Lastly, I make sure swak sa budget ang treatments ko.”


“We don’t want you to just look young, we want you to always look fresh and also age gracefully.”


  • Dra. Jaimee Vistan- Tisbe