About the Doctor

Dra. Jaimee Vistan- Tisbe graduated from De Lasalle University (Health and Science Campus). She took up a course in Aesthetics and attended a training at the Philippine Association of Skin Health Physician, National Skin Center in Singapore. She also graduated from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine in 2011.


Dra. Jaimee Vistan- Tisbe used to worked for Flawless Face and Body Clinic.  She became a member of Philippine Academy of Aesthetic and Age Management Inc. and an associate member of Philippine Academy of Aesthetic Surgery. She has done training locally and abroad and attends different conventions for industry updates.

Dra. Jaimee Vistan- Tisbe officially opened her first dermatology clinic on March 2015. She named it “Primorosa” or “Prime Rose” which is a Spanish word for exquisite (clean, unique, fine and delicate). Primorosa’s goal is to offer the same quality beauty services in Manila but with more reasonable rates.  She continues to update Primorosa’s  services and trainings to be competitive in the field.